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Rural Schools of Eaton County

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

By the Eaton County Hist

Historical Commission

© 2015

Printed by Sunfield Press/Infinity Graphics

350 pages plus DVD of additional photos and information; soft cover

$25 (+$5 shipping)

To Order Contact

Courthouse Square Museum


Mail Orders may also be sent to

Courthouse Square Museum

P.O. Box 411, 100 W. Lawrence

Charlotte, Mi 48813

The Commission’s first book, Rural Schools of Eaton County, is chock-full of history, wonderful photos and anecdotes of the 145+ one room schools located throughout Eaton County, Michigan. As a bonus, a DVD is included with even more information and many more photos which wouldn’t fit into the book. Volunteers painstakingly scoured the corners of the County to find information about the current status of the buildings, early photos and student rolls. From attics to libraries and basements and barns they have scanned, copied and saved information that may have otherwise been lost. The sales of this book serve as a fundraiser to offer grants for historic preservation in Eaton County through the Historical Commission.

A wonderful review of the book by Tom Johnson, chairman of the Michigan One-Room Schoolhouse Association, states:

“For me, the work that this group did is truly amazing. In my opinion, for anyone with an interest in one-room schoolhouses, it is well worth the purchase price of $25.”



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