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 Michigan One-Room Schoolhouses, Ann Arbor University of Michigan Press

Keithan, Mary, 1951, c. 2008. 96 pages, Illus.  ISBN 0-472-03218-6. In print

 Frontier Schools and Schoolteachers (The Library of the Westward Expansion) 

Randolph, Ryan P., New York: PowerKids Press. c. 2003. 24 pages, Illus. ISBN 0-8239-6295-4

School Days: Priceless memories of those dear old golden rule days 

Greendale, Wisc. Reminisce Books. c. 2000 162 pages, Illus. ISBN 0-89821-287-1

One teacher One-Room: A Memoir

Life Write Services 2009, Hansen-Swanson, Marilyn

86 pages, Color Illus, 4 libraries own this, Available

Changes in classroom teaching were made during 1937-1939 in One-Room room Schools in the area of the Michigan Community Health Project

As reported by 193 classroom teachers and compiled

 by Hen J. Otto Battle Creek the W.K. Kellogg Foundation 1940 

209 pages, Diagrams, 2 Michigan libraries own this, Available

The Hearld by the Edison Institute. Published by the students at the Edison Institute at Greenfield Village 

Dearborn, MI, 12 issues, 1 Michigan library owns this, Unavailable

Factors Affecting turnover of teachers of the One-Room Rural Schools of Michigan 

by Henry Aaron Tape NY, teachers Columbia College 1939, 85 pages

Historic notes from the past: One-Room Schools

Cheryl Martin, Author 48 pages, Photographs, ISBN: 978-1794135024

A lumberman’s daughter comes of age in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: A memoir

Author, McMartin Patricia Schaut, LuLu Publishing Services 2019

183 pages, Illus, 4 libraries own this, Available

Up the road: A One-Room Schoolhouse memoir 

written and illustrated by Heather VanDyke Pletcher, Author

Niles, MI  2017, unpaged, 1 library owns this, Unavailable

Postcard/Picture File of Sturgis, Michigan

1 Michigan library owns this, Unavailable

One-Room Schools: Vanishing One-Room Schools

Published by CreateSpace 2016, Vatcher-Martin, Cheryl, B & W Photographs   

ISBN: 978-1532759284, 32 pages, 1 Michigan library owns this, Available

Vanishing One-room Schools look at a school that has recently disappeared from the landscape. This historic country school unfortunately could not be saved, even though the building was in decent shape. The preservation of the school did not happen, but the author made certain that some recent photographs of the historic One-room school were taken and put into this book, along with some other schools to highlight this part of American history

 Growing up in the 30’s and 40’s

Bordine, Betty (Lee), Alphen Sarge Publications, 2014, 94 pages

Illus, ISBN 978-1603072755, 1 Michigan library owns this, Available

1870's schoolhouse

Hess, G. T., photographer, Andrews University Digital Library

Center for Adventist Research Digital Library, Photographs

"The history of Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education is featured in this restored schoolhouse that served as a public school until 1949. The building was donated in 1997, by the Historical Society of Battle Creek, Michigan, to Historic Adventist Village where it is now open for visitors."

This image is made available courtesy of the Center for Adventist Research for private study, teaching, and research use. You may reproduce this item without prior permission if you provide proper attribution and if such reproduction accords with 2Fair Use3. Current copyright law governs the use of photographs. Laws against libel and laws protecting privacy may also apply. You assume full responsibility for any legal questions that arise from your use of this image. Please visit for more information

AHM 199- published 20150321 CAR fair use

Legacy of schools

by Myrna J. Grove, 2000, 142 pages

Emphasis is on Ohio, but covers other Midwestern states such as

Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Illinois

Includes "Activities for visiting a school" for teachers

Swing that pail: School days

by Louisa M. Burger, illustrations by Matt Beebe, 1992, 67 pages

An autobiography of a schoolteacher: Scotch Settlement School of Henry Ford's Greenfield Village

by E. Lucile Webster, 1902- Dearborn, Michigan 1978, 195 pages, Ford, Henry, 1863-1947

One teacher One-room: A Memoir

Marilyn Hansen-Swanson, 2009, 86 pages, color illustrations

"Take a delightful journey down memory lane with a school student who shares her memories of being a student,

then a teacher in rural Michigan during the mid-1900's, when schools dotted the landscape"

They all became one. Part #1. A pictorial history of the Kingston School, 1863-1957

Part #2. The One-room schools of Kingston, Koylton, Dayton and Wells Townships

 Compiled by Richard and Jan Peter, 2014, 354 pages, illustrations

Pictorial history of the Kingston School,  1863-1957

 One-room schools of Kingston, Koylton, Dayton and Wells Townships

Michigan Voices: Our state's history in the words of the People who Lived it

compiled by Joe Grimm,  Wayne State Press,  1987,  208 pages,  0-8143-19688 ISBN

Memories of East Grand Rapids 1834-1982 

William L. Bennett, Contents: Covers East Grand Rapids & includes over 25 photos, 1983

Bloomfield Blossoms 

Kay Smith, Township Bicentennial Commission

Photos, Sketches, & Illustration, 159 pages

A history of Amasa, Michigan (1891-1966)

Author: Peryam, Doris, A history of Amasa, Michigan (1891-1966) by Doris Peryam

136 p. illus., maps, ports. 24 cm, Hahn Printing, Inc., Eagle River, Wisconsin 2003, Catalog # 977.4 His




Rural Schools of Eaton County, Michigan / The Eaton County Historical Commission

Sunfield, MI: Sunfield Sentinel, 2015, 352 pages, DVD

The three Rs, 'reading,’ 'ritin' and 'rithmetic, were taught in Eaton County’s country schools from the 1850s to the 1960s, along with geography, civics, hygiene, and the Palmer Method of handwriting. This book contains the stories of those Eaton County schools and the rural people who placed the education of their children as a high priority by building a school within walking distance. Ring the school bell, play a game of tag, join the school board at their meetings and help us to honor a special era in the education of American scholars for over a century

The early history of Elm Valley School, District No. 8, Weesaw Township, Berrien County, MI / John L. Wirth

40 pages ill., maps, fascism, 1 CD (4 3/4 in)

One-room, many stories: schoolhouse memories

[videorecording], producer, director, writer, Sonya Chrisman, WNMU-TV, c2002

One videodisc (40 min.) std color with b&w sequences

Videographer, Mike Lakenen, camera, Denny McDougal narrator, Matt Surrell, voice of Dorothy Simonson, Evelyn Massaro

The beginning-1981, Using Dorothy Peterman Simonson’s, the diary of an Isle Royale school teacher as a framework,

tells the story of schools in the western part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Archival photos and recreations show what it was like to attend these schools,

and teachers and students recall their experiences in teaching and learning

One-room, many stories: schoolhouse memories, teaching & learning in schools in the U.P.

produced by WNMU-TV, Northerners," by Dorothy Peterman Simonson.

Hear stories from those who taught and learned in schoolhouses in the Upper Peninsula.

Also witness never seen 20-year-old film footage of teachers telling tales of their schoolhouses dated as far back as 1918

Out of the wilderness: the schoolhouses of Macomb County, MI

Washington, MI: Tanya Urcavich, [between 1990 and 1999]

One videocassette (30 min.) sound, color/black and white

A clean slate: the story of Michigan's One-room schools

Sturgis, Mich.: Equity Studios, Inc., c1997

One videodisc (26 min., 46 sec.) std., color/b&w

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