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The 2024 Conference will be held on Saturday, October 5th, 2024 at the James E. Bonine House located at 18970 M-60, Vandalia, MI 49095 and Brownsville #1 School (Cass County).

We are presenting a unique collaboration at the MORSA Fall Conference in Vandalia, MI. MORSA will be joining the members of the UGRRSCC (Underground Railroad Society of Cass County) The county was the nexus of two underground railroad routes used by Freedom Seekers during the pre-Civil War era.

Local members have been instrumental in the effort to preserve the stories and structures of the era. Four sites comprise the centerpiece: the James E. Bonine House, the James E. Bonine Carriage House, the Stephen Bogue House, and the Brownsville School.

The school is believed to be one of the oldest integrated schools in the state; providing education for the children of those seeking freedom from its opening in the 1840's until its closure in the 1950's.


The conference attendees will meet at the James E. Bonine House for the program. Jim Cameron, President of the Michigan Oral History Association will be the keynote speaker. Jim is a board member of the Historical Society of Michigan and a retired Saline High School history teacher. Guests will tour the UGRR sites, culminating with a visit to the Brownsville School. 


The National Country Schools of America Association or CSAA Conference is June 9-12, 2024 in Toledo, OH. The event will be held at the University of Toledo's Center for the Performing Arts with the theme, "Great Lakes, Great Schools". Many fun sessions and activities will take place.
Registration began on February 29 and continues through May 15, 2024 at a link on the CSAA website which is .
Registration for the full conference includes all presentations, activities, and conference materials and is $175 for members and $210 for nonmembers. For a one-day registration (Monday or Tuesday), the cost is $110 for members and $145  for nonmembers.
Campus overnight dorm housing is available for an additional cost. Or, area hotels can be booked on your own. There is a fee for campus parking. And, Wednesday's optional bus tour of six area schoolhouses is an additional $80, which is a separate sign-up and is limited to 56 seats.
Two keynote speakers along with sixteen presentations will be featured  Monday and Tuesday. Among the eight presenters on Tuesday will be our own MORSA President, Rochelle Balkam, at 11 am. She will speak on "Primers, Primers, Chalk and Bells: Michigan One-Room School Association. Also on Tuesday, MORSA and CSAA board member, Myrna Grove will speak on "The Schoolhouse Paintings of Artist P. Buckley Moss" at 2:30 pm.
Other presentations will cover a wide range of one-room school interests. 
MORSA members may also refer to an article on page 7 in the Spring 2024 issue of "The Slate".

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