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Carbondale One-Room School, 1884-1954 Carbondale Class Reunion 

August 2, 2008 Menominee, MI, Looseleaf Binder, unpaged 

1 Photo CD, 1 library owns this, Available

*MONROE County

 One-Room Schools of Exeter Township

 [prepared by the] Exeter Historical Society, unpaged, Illus

                                                                          This is a calendar project and printed in calendar format.

Title given on p. [4] of cover reads: " schools in Exeter Township."

"Exeter Historical Society, past, present and future working together"--At head of title on cover

"Readin', ritin', 'rithmetic, 2005"--on cover


One-Room Country Schools of Newaygo County: History and recollections

Newaygo County Society of History & Genealogy 2012 (Vol 1-3)

228 pages, Illus, ISBN 978-1480027961

V. I ISBN 978-1480027961, 7 libraries, Available

V. II ISBN  987-490381336, 5 libraries, Available

V. III - ISBN 978-149428066, 5 libraries, Available, covers Barton, Beaver, Denver, 

Goodwell, Home, Lilley, Lincoln, Merrill, Monroe, Norwich, Troy and Wilcox Townships


 100+ years of One-Room Schools in Springfield Township 2007   

Davis, Marjorie J., Editor. Ward F. Rohn, Lesler J. Smith, 3 libraries own this, Available

'"Addison Album" depicting History of Addison Township

Villages include Leonard, and Lakeville, Historical pictures from Pioneer families

Bloomfield Blossoms 

Kay Smith, Township Bicentennial Commission

Photos, Sketches, & Illustration, 159 pages


100 years of history of the Ontonagon Township Schools

1875-1975 : a history / by Keefer, Victor F.

Ontonagon County Historical Society

Ontonagon, Michigan

*OTSEGO County

 Early times of Otsego County, Michigan, Otsego County Historical Society 2014

 Granlund, William, 211 pages, Photos, Maps, 2 libraries own this, Available

*OTTAWA County

The Schools of Tallmadge Township, Ottawa County, Michigan 1842-1900

Loekie Boersma, Author, Published Marne, MI 2012, 220 pages

 No copies available, 1 Michigan library owns this

*ST. JOSEPH County

School district record: Buys School (aka Rice School) District #5, St. Joseph County, MI


School District record: 1933-1960: School District #1, Fabius Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan 

1960 225 pages, 1 library owns this UNAVAILABLE

Includes attendance, report cards, and seating charts

School District record: 1877-1920: Cupp School, District #4, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County MI 

Published St. Joseph 1920, pages 91

1 library owns this, Not Available

Includes meetings, teacher contracts, receipts and expenditures, school census and annual reports

Teacher’s daily register: 1895-1904: Cupp School, District #4, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County, MI

St. Joseph 1904? 55 pages, 1 library owns this, Not Available

School District record: 1865-1894: Cupp School, District #4, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County MI

St. Joseph 1894? 142 pages, 1 library owns this, Not Available

Includes meetings, receipts and expenditures and annual reports

School District record: 1899-1917: Cupp School, District #4, Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County MI

111 pages, No copies Available

Includes teacher records and reports

School District Record, 1949-1954: Corey Lake School, District #6, St. Joseph County, Michigan

 54 pages, 1 library owns this, UNAVAILABLE

Includes meetings, receipts, and expenditures, etc.

School years and more by Carolyn Thiele-Hall

 St. Simons Island Georgia, 49 pages, Illus, Portraits, Maps

                1 Michigan library owns this, Unavailable 

Maps on cover "Cover: Extract of 1872 plat map of Colon Township, MI (St. Joseph County)         

                                                    indicating location of schoolhouses and the Thiele Family Farm"- from title-page verso

Part 1:  schools. schoolhouses - Changing school facilities - History of Eberhard School - Our school - Classroom instruction & teachers - Our students - Our day: lunch, recesses, programs - Consolidating schools - Condition and uses of remaining schools  Eberhard School classes, 1955-1958 - Part II. Thiele Family. Thiele Family activities in the 1950s - Farm animals, bicycling, fishing, swimming - BBQs, gardening, sledding - Church, vacations, holidays  Brookside Farm fires, our jobs - Relatives and friends who visited our farm - Riding the milk truck and delivering eggs - Childhood diseases verso and doctor's house calls

Stories of Fred - Appreciation of friends and family 


"ECHOES OF YESTERYEARS" Shiawassee County Schools, Vol. 1 - 11

This series of publications is devoted to the history Shiawassee County Schools, from 1837 to 1987.

With each of the nine volumes showing the oldest schools in each township, with pictures of the pupils attending those schools.

They also include lists of teachers, a short history of that township and other memorabilia of the period.

Volume 1, Owosso Township

Owosso Township: City of Owosso schools, Owosso Business College, School of Nursing, County Normal School,

Pilgrim Holiness Seminary, Owosso Graduates of 1892 and 1904, Teachers from Owosso Township, St. Paul School, Dewey School,

Union School, Burton School, Carson School, McCall School, West Branch School and Green Meadows School.

Volume 2, Caledonia and Venice Townships

Caledonia Township: Corunna Schools, Eveleth School, Flint School, Hawkins School, Hintz School, Kelly School, Kerby School

and Young School. Venice Township: Bulemore School, Church School, Forest School, Lennon School, Lytle School,

Martin School, Wilkinson School and Venice Center School

Volume 3, Hazelton and New Haven Townships

Hazelton Township: Austin or Tin-Top School, Brown School, Cantley School, Day and Gillett School, Hazelton Center School, and Hubbel School. New Haven Township: Juddville School, Lewis School, New Lothrop School, Rhodes School, Clark School, Creek School, Easton School, German School, Hart School, Hurd School, New Haven School, Rosa School and Underwood School

Volume 4, Middlebury and Sciota Townships

Middlebury Township: Hammond School, Lake School, Marshall School, Mead School, Merrill School, Warren School

and Middlebury School. Sciota Township: Chant School, Doyle School, Leland School, Octagon School, Sherman School, Walters School,

Wert School, Blood School and Meridian School

Volume 5, Bennington and Shiawassee Townships

Bennington Township: Bennington No.1 School, Morton School, Gale School, Pittsburg School, German School, Bennington No.6 School, Dewey and Sherman School and Flint School. Shiawassee Township: Eddy or Kirker School, Freemont School, Haggerty School, Lemon School, Newburg School, Oak Grove School, Octoagon School, Shiawassee town School and Tyrell School

Volume 6, Fairfield and Rush Townships

Fairfield Township: Bennet School, Brainard School, Carland School, Corp School, Fox School, Sawyer School, Somers School (Saginaw County). Rush Township: Carmody School, Clark School, Goss School, Henderson School, Rush Center School, Scott School, Washburn School, Oakley School (Saginaw County), Havanna School, Walsh School ( Saginaw County), Koyne School (Saginaw County), Overpack School, Fowler School and County Normal School

Volume 7, Burns and Vernon Townships

Burns Township: Barnum School, Chaffee School, Cole School, Green School, Haviland School, Knaggs Bridge School,

Union Plains School and Williams School. Vernon Township: Baird School, Chalker School, Durand School, Garrison School, Holmes School,

Lovejoy School, Mikan School and White School

Volume 8, Antrim and Perry Township

Antrim Township: Ailing School, Baldwin School, Beard Fuller School, Gallagher School, Hearse School, Island or Red School, Morgan School, Bancroft School, Knaggs Bridge School, Haggerty School and Tyrell School. Perry Township: Austin School, Bush School, Clark School, Hinkley School, Lovejoy School, Morrice (Purdy) School, Perry School and Wallace School

Volume 9, Woodhull Township, Historical records 1837 - 1962, County Rural School Teachers 1893 - 1934

Woodhull Township: Misc. pictures, Corcoran School, Graham School, Kay School, Shaftsburg School, Sprague School, Lytle School, Octagon School, Mason School, Green School, Lemon School, Log School, County Intermediate School and Rural School Teachers 1893 - 1934

Volume 10 "ECHOES OF YESTERYEARS" A brief history of the county

A brief History of Shiawassee County, the naming of the Townships, Hamlets, Towns and Roads.

This book is divided into 16 sections, each telling where the township got it's name, and how the roads were named

104 pages, soft cover

Volume 11 "ECHOES OF YESTERYEARS" 'Owosso Schools', Historical records of 1837-2003.


 They all became one---Part I. A pictorial history of the Kingston School 1863-1957

Part 2. The One-Room Schools of Kingston 

Peter, Richard, Publisher Richard & Jan Peter, 2014 

354 pages, Illus, 1 library owns this, UNAVAILABLE


Teacher’s daily register West Valley School, District #3f, Decatur Township, Van Buren County, & Volinia Township, Cass County, MI Published Decatur, MI Library has 1890-1894 Photocopied from original record book. 1 library, Not Available


School and Township records: 1856-1923, Covert (Deerfield) Township, Van Buren County, MI 

Published Decatur MI  2004 unpaged, 1 library owns this, Not Requestable


School records: Gliddenburg School District #8, Paw Paw Township, Van Buren County, MI 1930-1955

Published Decatur MI, 63 pages 2001, 1 library owns this, Not Requestable

District record: Bell School, District #8 Hamilton Township. Van Buren County Michigan 1893-1902

Published Decatur, MI, 2002, unp. 1 library owns this, Not Available

Cash Disbursements Shaw School, District #1, Decatur Township, Van Buren County, Michigan 1829-1946

 2002 unpaged, 1 library owns this, Not Available

Treasurer’s Book Celery Center School, District #9, Hamilton Township, Van Buren County, Michigan

 2002 unpaged, 1 library owns this, Not Available

 Building our memories, brick by brick: History and memories of West Brick School

Green, Catherine Dawson, 120 pages, 2012, 2 Available

District & grade record: West Valley School, District #3f, Decatur Township

Van Buren County and Volinia Township, Cass County, Michigan, 1880-1898

 Published, 2003, 1 Michigan library owns this, Unavailable

Van Buren County Michigan: A pictorial history compiled by Van Buren Genealogy Society

2003, 160 pages, Published by Turner, 1-563-119080 ISBN

*WAYNE County

Footpaths to Freeways: The story of Livonia

by Domine P. Paris  1925

History of Wayne County and the City of Detroit, Michigan

by Clarence M. Burton & M. Agnes Burton c. 1930

.S J. Clarke Publishing 4 vols. 


Rural schools of Wexford County: a guide

Wexford County Historical Society

48 pages, ill., maps (1 folded)a

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