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Mystery Schools

Please go to "Contact Form" and send us an email if you have any information on school photos posted. Be sure to tell us which Mystery School you are writing us about. We are looking for the name of the school, the county and the township. Thanks for helping us solve a Mystery!  

Picture of a One Room Schoolhouse with kids and teacher in front of school.

Mystery School # 1

We need School Name, Township and County 

One Room Schoolhouse with kids and teacher
Bldg July 2021_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Mystery School # 2

Hickory Flat, 1915 

Thomas L. Burke, Teacher

We need Township and County 

Mystery School #3

5257 M-633 at Whittaker Rd.

Bingham Township, Leelanau County

We need Name of School


This is actually the old Bingham Town Hall. When the township decided to move to a different building, they put the building and property up for a silent-auction. The family who had donated the land for the town hall were able to purchase it back. They do not believe this building has ever served as a schoolhouse. 

Thank you to the Bingham Township Supervisor for contacting the owners of the property and to the property owners for clearing up this mystery.


Mystery School # 4

We need Name of School, Township and County 

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