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One Room Schools of Allegan County

One-Room Schools of Allegan County

Authors: David Thompson & Keith Behm

1st Edition soft-cover $25.00 plus $2.50 shipping.

Make checks out to Allegan County Historical Society

Allegan County is one of the largest and oldest counties in Michigan. School records date back to the late 1700’s. In 1973 a group of retired one-room school teachers formed an association to preserve as much history as possible of the country schools of Allegan County. In that same year they purchased a one-room school that was scheduled to be destroyed. The Jewett school was very carefully placed upon a flatbed trailer and moved the 5 miles from a country location to the Allegan Fair Grounds. The school was placed in the John Pahl Historic Village located at the Allegan County Fair. As much of the original school as possible was restored. The school is open for visitors during the Allegan County fair. A two year project resulted in researching and finding pictures of most of the 190 schools that was operating in Allegan County. The project also added 1,500 new pictures of the students that attended the schools.

The book is published by and sold at the Old Jail Museum in downtown Allegan. The book will also be sold at the September Allegan County Fair at the Town Hall building in the Historical Village. The task of finding all Allegan County one-room schools was exhausting; however it resulted in documenting the schools in a book named One-Room Schools of Allegan County.

Send Orders to:

Scott Kuykendall, (President of the Allegan County Historical Society)

P.O Box 122,

Martin, Michigan 49070

Phone- 269 672-7944

Allegan County Historical Society is a non-profit organization.



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