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"America's Country Schools"

Updated: May 17, 2019

America's Country Schools Author: Andrew Gulliford 

Third Edition soft-cover, $29.95**

For more that 250 years, America's country schools were the heart of American education. On the frontier, country schools also served as community centers for church gatherings, dances, spelling bees, elections, wedding, and burials. In 1939, there were approximately 150,000 one-teacher schools in the United States. Today less than 1000 remain.

America's Country Schools is a comprehensive work that chronicles a distinctive era in American education. The first section provides an overview of the historical role of rural schools in the United States. It is followed by a section on architecture and concludes with several chapters on documenting and preserving country schools.

The text is rich in anecdotes taken from extensive research and interviews with teachers and pupils. More than four hundred striking photographs historical views, modern-day scenes, exteriors and interiors, help bring to life the people as well as the buildings.

This award-winning book is the first of its kind to examine the country school as a distinct architectural type.

Send orders to: University of Oklahoma Press 4100 28 Avenue N.W. Norman, OK 73069-8218  Or Call: (800) 627-7377 or (405) 325-2000 Fax: (800) 735-0476 or 364-5798

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