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"Down the Myrtle Path: The History and Memories of Town Hall School"

Updated: May 17, 2019

Down the Myrtle Path: The History and Memories of Town Hall School Compiled & written by: Hannah Geddes Wright Edited by: Dr. Thomas Gwaltney, Professor, Eastern Michigan University

114 pg. soft-cover, $10.00**

In 1987, Town Hall School was donated by the Geddes family to Eastern Michigan University to be restored as a living museum (where children can attend class and relive the one-room school experience).

The author, herself a former student, has researched the history of the school, and collected the memories of other former students and teachers. Also read about and see pictures of the dramatic move of the old school in Down the Myrtle Path.

A former student writes: “To say I was delighted with my Town Hall School book would be putting it mildly! It was like a trip down memory lane, the wonderful simple days when we didn't have material things, but cherished all the memories we gathered."

Down the Myrtle Path, ©1997, Hannah Geddes Wright.

To order: Send request with your name and address  along with check payable to:

Hannah Geddes Wright 4209 N. Dearing Road Parma, Michigan 49269

** Add $2 for shipping & handling


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